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Do you want to know the true statistics on how many people progress through each graduate recruitment stage?

Have you wanted to know the success rates to help determine your outcome?

Well, Undercover Grad Recruiter is going to tell you all the facts and figures.

First, let set some terminology to ensure this blog makes sense:

Ratio: The ratio (generally) stands for how many applicants are required to fill one role.

For example, if you have 5 roles, you would want 2:1 at final interview therefore there would be 10 final interviews to fill 5 roles, simple maths

Dropout rates (%): This percentage is the number of applicants who are made unsuccessful at this stage once completed. It’s a great way for you to understand your likely success at each stage.

Below we have listed the five main recruitment stages found in a graduate recruitment process, with the associated ratios AND the % of unsuccessful post that stage.

Recruitment stage Ratio % Unsuccessful
Application n/a 40%
Online testing 9:1 25-30%
Video or Phone Interview 6:1 50%
Assessment Centres/ Group Interviews 3:1 25%
Final Interview 2:1 50%


*To keep in mind, the above is just an approximation and data is summarised from a number of large corporates.

Ratios can and will change for different sized companies, some with a few hundred applicants and some with multiple thousand.

Another variance will also be the type of role you are applying for. Generally there are 35-50 times more generalist business and commerce roles in the market than there are human resource or marketing jobs. This factor must be taken into consideration and those job types with a lower number of availabilities will have a higher unsuccessful rate.

How do I use this information?

This data has been shared to help you as a guide and approximation to understand how tough competition can be, but certainly not to discourage you from applying! This is reality and therefore having access to this information can ensure you prepare, practice and prepare some more on your way to success! Remember job searching is not down to luck, it’s down to hard work.

Make sure you brush up on your soft skills and understand how to perform at all recruitment stages such as application formsonline testingvideo interviewsphone interviewbehavioural interviewassessment centres and final interview.

Good luck

UC Grad Recruiter.