Every now and then, we want to share with you our data and findings on the graduate market, other students and factors behind decisions, feedback, struggles & more…

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We surveyed a large population of college and uni students via social media and asked them ‘what skills they need help in developing in order to secure and succeed in a graduate job’?.. Undercover Grad Recruiter has listed the top 6. How do you fare in each of these skills? Do you need a little help? Read our blog on soft skills development-  Help me develop my soft skills to get a job

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Compiled  global graduate surveys have come to the same conclusion- money does not drive the youth of today into accepting a job offer and is fact near or at the bottom of the list. Feedback by your peers show you’re driven by career prospects, training & development as well as the opportunity to learn. That’s no surprise to us, successful graduates ensure their opportunities line up with their personal goals versus their bank accounts.

Undercover Grad Recruiter strongly suggests you know what your top 5 reasons to accept an offer is, so when it comes time, you know whether the offer meets your personal expectations.

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Undercover Grad Recruiter asked a selected group of successful professionals in our respective industries the question “How do you expand your knowledge?” This is what we collated (not ranking in a particular order).

A thought for your consideration: how do expand your knowledge? Do you engage in any of the below activities? If you haven’t considered this question before, it’s never too late to grow, start good habits now!

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Undercover Grad Recruiter wants to leave you with our view on the world & how many commence their adult or professional life after school.



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