So what’s the go with all of these pre-graduate opportunities? Did you know that just over 65% of organisations offer some sort of internship, vacation, traineeship, work experience or clerkship programs to provide students the opportunity to gain corporate work experience? Some programs last for 1-3 months, some 12 months or even the entire period of your course. Typically, most programs are paid, however some are unpaid work. Some corporates offer scholarships or financial study support to help you through your studies.

Experience is amazing, but does it lead anywhere? Graduate employment data shows that approximately 50-70% of all students in work experience programs are offered a position in that company to join the graduate program upon graduation.

Employers consider these programs as a long term talent strategy. What this means is you are in a talent pipeline for the future. Ideally, they are looking for you to streamline straight into their graduate program so they can secure top talent like you before anyone else does. They are looking for people who are the right fit long term for their graduate programs and experienced roles, not just someone to fill their work experience programs.

If companies get so much out of it, what’s in it for me? These work experience programs are an invaluable leg up- they give you the opportunity to gain commercial experience, build your networks, understand what your career and future work load may look like and looks awesome on your resume when looking for a graduate job. Finally, it’s a ‘try before you buy’ scenario so you can see if your dream company ‘X’ that you’ve always wanted to work for is all it’s cracked up to be!

Work experience roles receive much fewer applications than Graduate programs. On average there are approximately 650 applications per employer with many receiving in excess of 1,000 – 5,000 applications (yes this is much less than Graduate programs!).

Employers see those students who apply to work experience programs as go getters, ambitious and driven. Simply because you are willing to work over your university/ college breaks or throughout your studies. We would strongly recommend all of you to start finding companies who have and support work experience programs and simply apply. Remember, the same principles of resumes and applications forms apply to these programs as they do to graduate programs. Take them seriously and be professional as if you don’t they may not consider you for future graduate programs.

Below is a link to some great websites to help you find relevant programs:

Australia, Asia, London:

United Kingdom:



United States:

You can of course also go directly to a company’s website to see if they have work experience jobs listed.

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