Typical qualities of entrepreneurs are curious, inventive, creative, aware, driven and passionate. Also qualities that organisations desire in top talent.

If you have your own business whilst studying or are thinking of starting one up –excellent!! From our perspectives as graduate recruiters and managers, our top graduates often had a side business during their studies and many have even continued on with them upon commencement of their new role.

These opportunities will teach life experiences that many other graduates won’t be exposed to such as budgets, marketing, brand, networking, success AND failure, negotiations, selling yourself and overcoming obstacles. These traits are essential to helping you succeed in the corporate world and also succeed in job interviews.

Many of us have an entrepreneurial flair or passion, however are not always in a position to have a business of our own to develop it further. You therefore may want to try and nurture this in other ways such as volunteering or charity work, or even in ways such as blogging or online sales.

Now you have understood an insight into why your entrepreneurial passion can help you get a graduate job, the next step is learn how to display it during the job application process.


Simple ways to help display your entrepreneurial passion and attributes:

Application form: highlight your experiences running your own business, side consulting or other relevant experiences. Point out any achievements including awards, nominations or skills learnt.

Phone or Video interview: talk through the valuable experiences you have learnt or achieved through entrepreneurship. Link these experiences back the relevant skills or traits that the job is asking for. Finally, explain how your experiences will out shadow all other applicants and how it will help you excel.

Face to face interview- this is your chance to really sell yourself and display your entrepreneurial spirit. Today’s organisations value individual thinkers who are creative and passionate, so ensure you allow those traits of yours to shine through. Sell you achievements and talk through how you overcame roadblocks or barrier to success are highly valued. It shows your resilience and ability to succeed.

Ensure you don’t oversell yourself as only an entrepreneur as then it may concern interviews how you will fit into an organisations or team. Be careful not to talk too much about how owning your own business will be your future over the job you are going for, you may not do this on purpose, so be careful!

UCGR hails all entrepreneurs and those who want to jump in, just do it! It doesn’t have to take over your future career path, however may certainly help you get there faster.

Good Luck

UC Grad Recruiter