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For those with multiple offers, our advice is to choose wisely and choose for YOU. Don’t choose a company just because they have offered you first and pushing you for an answer. As a recruiter, we have all experienced a graduate accept our offer, to only decline it sometime later. It happens and we are all aware of it. But what’s worse for companies (and you) is if you accept and start out of obligation to only leave 6 months later for that offer you should have accepted. Again, choose for you and not whoever has offered first.

Rule of thumb:

  1. Before you start to apply for jobs, develop a list of the essential attributes, the factors that must be met in order for you accept that role. Need some help deciding? Here are some suggestions.

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  1. Companies expect an answer to their offer within a week. Sometimes as quickly as 2-3 work days.
  2. If you have accepted an offer and happy, the right thing to do is to withdraw from all other recruitment processes.
  3. You can decline a role after you have accepted, but just ensure you make the right choice as once you do there is no going back as typically your role is offered to the next in line.
  4. Money isn’t everything! Five- thousand dollars may feel like a lot now, but don’t sacrifice your future for that. Ensure you choose an offer based on what’s important to you –whether that be the career prospects, development program and opportunities, potential for overseas engagements or your values- intrinsic reasons that will take you where you want to be in the future.
  5. Be respectful in every process, if you decide you want a decline or renege on a offer ensure you follow these simple rules:
  • Always call and inform the company over the phone. Don’t do it via email.
  • Do it in a timely fashion, don’t procrastinate because you feel guilty about declining. Decline straight away as that allows the company give someone else a valuable chance to receive a job offer- think bigger than yourself.
  • Remember, it’s a small world and you don’t know when you may want to work for that company down the track, or have that recruiter or manager be the decider at the next job/company you apply to.

It’s easy to say, but we’re being honest when we tell you to not accept an offer because you have received one. Make a concerted and educated decision based on the list you developed and what factors you deem important that we have mentioned throughout this blog. Make the right choice and choose for YOU. Don’t choose for a company just because they have offered you first and pushing you for an answer. Again, choose for you and not whoever has offered first.


  1. Make a list of factors important to you when choosing who to apply for and stick to them.
  2. Ask the right questions to understand if it is the company you want to work for.
  3. Do your research on the company, find out everything you can and connect with them via any means they have available.
  4. Accept the offer that is right for YOU. You are the one who is going to have to work there.
  5. Don’t feel obliged or made to feel guilty into accepting any offer, by any one.
  6. Be polite, timely and courteous if you are going to decline an offer and think bigger picture, you never know when these people may be the decision makes in another role later in your career, trust us- it happens!

Happy job hunting- and accepting.

UC Grad Recruiter