Most students wait until applications open and along side hundreds or thousands of other students, apply and wait to hear back.

Those who are proactive and aim to get companies attention earlier, have a higher chance of getting past the first stage as they have acquired knowledge & contacts.

Got your attention yet?

Below are some things you can do to be proactive:

  1. View the companies graduate dedicated website, if that doesn’t exist, go to their standard job board and submit your details for the their ‘expression of interest’ or ‘talent communities’ (most companies call it something similar). But basically the companies use this to collate your information early, reach out to you, inform you of upcoming social events and give you advanced knowledge of application dates.
  2. Join the companies social media groups- twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, all of them!
  3. Connect with the graduate recruiters / recruiters at the companies you wish to apply for via LinkedIn or on the companies dedicated social sites (remember to keep it professional and don’t connect on facebook).
  4. Attend careers fairs, university careers events, university events sponsored by corporates ie: social bbq’s, corporate sponsored events ie: networking sessions. You may not be aware but loads of companies have onsite events which are an amazing way to make contacts and a chance to see the culture and people first hand. A lot of these events are advertised through your university careers hubs or even on the company’s website directly, but you do have to proactively look for them! All of the above listed will give you the opportunity to meet with contacts directly, the chance to get and give your details out and make a connection. Most of all, it may give you intrinsic knowledge about exactly what type of person, values, background etc the company is looking for so you can let them know that’s what you have when you apply.
  5. BE ON Linkedin! You have to be on it to be noticed. Most students don’t realise the value and potential of being on Linkedin. It has been the trend to source and recruit skilled workers via LinkedIn for years and now companies are strategically finding the ideal graduate on Linkedin and contacting them directly. That means less and less roles will be formally advertised and you, the student will be sourced directly via Linkedin! Convinced? Get on Linkedin! (We will have an upcoming blog on what an ideal Linkedin page should look like for a graduate).

UC Grad Recruiter.