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One of the top questions we hear is what are companies looking for? Our blogs will guide you through the vast array of competencies and traits Global companies look for.


We have blogs on resumes, cover letters, application forms and more that are practical, informative and graduate specific.

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As applicants, we all wonder what’s the point of the question “tell me about your strengths?” in an interview.

Obviously we aren’t going to talk ourselves down and say something like “I have no strengths” or pick something pointless to share such as “my strength is I can eat 4 packets of tim tams in row”. So really, what’s this question all about? Undercover Grad Recruiter will help uncover this answer.

Small talk can often be a scary word, we envisage an awkward moment of silence, glanced exchanges, followed by a fleeting comment of the weather, sports or traffic. Feeling awkward yet?

You need not! Undercover Grad Recruiter is going to take you through some simple and basic steps to help you understand how perfect small talk and the value of learning how to use it in a recruitment process.

If you have your own business whilst studying or are thinking of starting one up –excellent!! From our perspectives as graduate recruiters and managers, our top graduates often had a side business during their studies and many have even continued on with them upon commencement of their new role.

Read on to find out more about how this will help you get your dream graduate job

A key way to improve on your interview skills is to gain feedback after each interview you complete.

Sometimes this may be hard, if not impossible. Often managers, recruiters or HR do not provide you more feedback than an outcome and sometimes they never get back to you at all

Have you ever had a ‘bad’ working experience? Ever wondered what you would say if you were asked the question “have you ever had a ‘bad’ working experience” in an interview? It’s one of the trickiest questions to answer and also one of the most telling for an interviewer.

By definition cultural fit is ‘the likelihood that a job candidate will be able to conform and adapt to the core values and collective behaviours that make up an organisation’.

You will hear the term cultural fit in many different ways and generally these are measured by the recruiter or hiring managers view if you are or are not a good fit for the organisation in terms of behaviours and values.

There are so many common mistakes when applicants provide referees, all which can impact your chances at getting that job offer. Make sure you select the right referee.

Have you wanted to know the success rates to help determine your outcome?

Well, Undercover Grad Recruiter is going to tell you all the facts and figures

For those with multiple offers, our advice is to choose wisely and choose for YOU. Don’t choose for a company just because they have offered you first and pushing you for an answer. 

Mentor; someone who can help guide, advice and direct you, in both your personal and professional life. Someone who can open doors, navigate a path and help you see things in a different way.

A mentor doesn’t have to be someone in the same field as you, but is someone who is happy to share their journey with you, help to guide and coach you and not be afraid to criticise constructively or be honest about feedback.  You should look for a mentor that slightly stretches you.

“I’ve been studying for my entire life, I’m tired and burnt out… but more so, I don’t know what I want to do next” Sound familiar?

Why not take a year off after your studies to travel the world, find yourself, recharge your batteries, volunteer or truly work out what it is you want to do for the next 40 or so years, why not indeed?

Imagine this: you’re sitting in an interview and just asked a question about a difficult challenge you have faced, how do you decide which life experience to choose as an example?

You’ve been lucky enough to secure an internship opportunity with a company, do you want to make sure you walk away with a job offer before you leave? Let Undercover Grad Recruiter show you how.

This is one of the hardest questions you may come across in an interview and often stops even the most experienced professional in their tracks. This blog unlocks the insights about how to answer this tricky question.

We aren’t all cut out for a medium- large company; in fact UCGR knows a lot of students aren’t even interested to work for a medium to large company.

Have you considered working for a small and medium sized enterprise (SME) before? Undercover Grad Recruiter wants to explain to you what an SME is classified as and what these opportunities may look like for you.

We hear this story over and over…  “I have strong grades, the correct degree type for the job, some work experience so why do I keep getting rejected at the first stage of an application?” We know it must be disappointing as you don’t even get the chance to progress pass stage one to prove yourself and also don’t know what you’re doing wrong.

Undercover Grad Recruiter wants to help you understand the most common pitfalls and problems most people don’t even consider.

The purpose of this blog is to help give international students an insight into opportunities, support networks and more.

There are many ways to apply for graduate roles and with today’s connected world, we’re pretty sure you have everything you need at your fingers tips. Let us show and tell you where to successfully find what you’re looking for.

A perfect presentation is hard to achieve, so work towards it as best you can through the valuable graduate recruitment insights Undercover Grad Recruiter gives you in this blog.

The word ‘interview’ sends shivers through most people, no matter how many you have undertaken or how far you have moved up the ladder.  After reading this post, we aim to have you more educated, confident and understanding of how to prepare as well as what to and what not to say and do during an interview.

Every now and then, we want to share with you our data and findings on the graduate market, other students and factors behind decisions, feedback, struggles & more…we have shared a number of relevant pictographs to help explain the story.

UC Grad Recruiter reviews the good and bad questions that students ask recruiters and Graduate Managers and we give you our honest truth about what to and what not to say, a must read!

You’re in an elevator up to your interview & the manager asks you “What’s your X-Factor”? You have 45 seconds- what do you say??

There are currently 39 million students on LinkedIn, are you one of them? Learn all about how to create a successful profile so you can replicate and then use your contacts to get ahead.

Everyone already has networks, it’s what you do with these relationships that makes networking valuable- or invaluable. Let UCGR teach you how to network effectively.

Case studies & presentations are a prevalent part of the graduate recruitment process- do you know how to prepare and present so you can get the top scores?

Assessment Centres can be daunting, but with great preparation, confidence & belief in yourself you will have a high chance of success.

UCGR wants to help you develop your soft skills, are you ready?

Have you mastered the art of Careers Fairs? If not, what are you waiting for?

We have some great stats on our hands to share with you… Do you want to know how many students undertake work experience programs? How about the average number of applications?

Don’t under estimate how your university or college careers service can help you. They have workshops, courses and contacts to help get you job ready. Learn how to make the most of their services in this blog.

We have had many queries sent our way asking “What is a Graduate program, exactly?” We are here to demystify the question and explain it in the easiest way possible.

This blog is dedicated to inform you of the different recruitment process steps that are out there. This is a must read & will give you insights into the processes that you will get nowhere else!

Wondering what this technology is all about? Undercover Grad Recruiter is here to de-mystify and walk you through what companies are looking for in this stage of the recruitment process.

Have you thought about what to consider when picking a graduate employer? It’s one of the big decisions to be made to kick off your career, so ensure you are well prepared, rational and considered. Let Undercover Grad Recruiter help guide you.

Tests/ Assessments are a critical step in almost all graduate recruitment processes. They have been designed to ensure you are the right cultural and personality fit for the organisation and/or possess the cognitive, numeric, abstract, verbal, situational skills the company is looking for.

STAR is the acronym developed to help master behavioural interviews. It was developed to help people of all experience levels answer behavioural questions in a structured method to ensure all elements of an answer are covered off. It is an essential skill to understand and an ideal skill to master- UCGR will walk you through exactly what recruiters are expecting from you.

Phone interviews are absolutely critical (early) stage of the recruitment process where if you pass this stage, you are typically straight through to the next stage of assessment centres or final interviews. Do you think you are ready to undertake a phone interview today or do you think you have to learn more first? Read on…

What is a cover letter for, you say? Simply- it’s a snapshot of your skills, drivers, what you aiming for, potential successes and your personality. Does yours stack up?

An application form is your first chance to sell yourself. Tell the company about your qualifications, your work experience, why you are right for the job and plenty more. So do you know how to fill out an application & know you will successfully get through to the next stage?

Experience is amazing, but does it lead anywhere? Graduate employment data shows that approximately 50-70% of all students in work experience programs are offered a position in that company to join the graduate program upon graduation.

What does the word ‘resume’ mean to you? Did you know the average resume is only scanned for 6 seconds before a decision is made about you! Is yours good enough? Read on…

Most students wait until applications open and along side hundreds or thousands of other students, apply and wait to hear back. Those who are proactive and aim to get companies attention earlier, have a higher chance of getting past the first stage as they have acquired knowledge & contacts.

An in depth listing of the 2015 Australian Careers Fairs Calendar will make sure you don’t miss out.

Have you started considered the industry you want to work for? The skills you may need to display? How to apply and how to interview? Do you know about behavioural interviews and what a company really looks for? Developed by Undercover Grad Recruiter, this blog includes the decision cycle most students undertake prior to their first job search.

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