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Undercover Grad Recruiter

We are Graduate Recruitment Industry professionals who are here to help you prepare for and get on the fast track to secure your first role out of college or university. Between us, we have over 15+ years of industry experience and want to share with you all the undercover insights from graduate recruitment practices, to what companies look for and how to make yourself as job ready as you can be.

Does the thought of applying for a graduate or your first job post studies scare you? Don’t know where to start or how to apply, let alone how to sell yourself and be successful in a recruitment process?

No matter what you have studied or where you live in the world, UCGR blogs are designed to answer all your questions about how to choose the right company for you, how to apply for a graduate job and be successful in the recruitment process, with step by step information through each stage of the process.

After reading our blogs, you will feel confident in how to sell yourself and understand your best attributes. You will be able to successfully progress through a recruitment process and achieve success in job applications.

Reading these blogs will not inherently give you super powers in recruitment success, it will however provide you with the tools to upskill, motivate and educate yourself to first job success.

We can’t give away our identities at this time, so we can keep helping you, we can say however that we are industry professionals from around the globe, from Australia through to Asia, Europe and beyond.

Your job search and application process should be taken as seriously as the job itself.